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Pocket/Envelope pad

obstarpocket_openinside_thobstarmaiden_17809pockrainbow_thA Pocket Pad is an empty pad shaped shell, usually with the back of the pad having overlaping halves that form an opening where separate removable absorbent “inserts” or “boosters” are placed. This opening can alternatively be on one end of the pad.

Pocket pads can be waterproofed on the back of the pad shell or on the inserts.


  • Quicker to dry as the inserts are removable
  • If the pad comes with more than one insert you can adjust the amount of absorbency so you aren’t using a thick pad when you don’t need to
  • The one pad can see you through light flow to heavier flow by putting less or more inserts in.
  • Can use anything as the inserts (folded handkerchiefs etc.)


  • Have to assemble the pad prior to use (and disassemble to wash)
  • Sometimes not waterproofed.
  • Not all come with inserts that extend into the wing, so you may have only a thin layer of fabric on the wing that you can leak through.
  • The whole pad needs to be changed when soiled (you can’t just replace the inserts).
  • Some Pocket pads are provided with one insert, which may be too thick or not thick enough for your needs.
  • Can be bulkier than an AIO pad