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Foldable pads

foldupinstructionsFoldable or Foldup pads are pads that include a section that folds out for quicker drying. Often they are made with a winged pad shape sewn to a large rectangle/square that is folded into 3rds to form the absorbent part of the pad.

Some may have waterproofing built in, on either the winged pad part (if the folded part goes against the skin), or on the folded part.  Some styles may have the folded part on top, allowing for refolding to expose a clean surface, to make the pad comfortable for longer. Some styles have the foldup part underneath the pad.


  • Quicker to dry than an AIO as the absorbency unfolds to a single layer.
  • Can refold the pad to have a clean surface if the folding part is against the skin and you have a light flow
  • In some styles you may be able to add additional boosters to the folded section to increase absorbency


  • Have to assemble/fold up the pad prior to use
  • Trickier to use than an AIO due to the folding.
  • Often they don’t have waterproofing
  • Often bulkier than an AIO pad

ObsidianStar_MaidenFold_hearts1c(Example of a foldable pad, where the folding section is on the underneath of the pad.  Made from layers of flannel)