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Boostable pads

These are any pads that have some absorbency themselves, but also have the ability for an additional booster to be somehow added to the pad to increase its absorbency and may give waterproofing. These differ from a Pocket Pad because the pad can function as a pad without the boosters – whereas a pocket pad is generally en empty case.

Some example of these are:
obstarpriestess_terrytopnavy2_thA pad that has the booster slipping between an absorbent top and the backing.  In this example the top layer is sewn down only around each end of the pad – leaving a section open through the crotch area, where boosters can be inserted to increase absorbency.

obstarpad020908_npurcontwing2_thA pad with some way of holding a booster on the under side of the pad.  In this example the wings are sewn to a wingless shaped pad along the sides, leaving a pocket that can hold an insert against the back of the pad (edged in pink thread).  This method can use a waterproofed booster to add waterproofing to a non-waterproof pad.

obsiboostable04bA pad with a strip of fabric (which can be PUL or other waterproof fabric, or a non-waterproof fabric) sewn to the back that allows for absorbent inserts to be added to the back between the strip and the pad.


  • Quicker to dry than an AIO as the absorbency is in separate parts
  • Can adjust the absorbency you need with the optional boosters
  • Often includes waterproofing, or the option to add waterproofing if needed


  • Have to assemble the pad prior to use if using the booster
  • May not include waterproofing
  • May have a greater chance of leaking off the booster than you would have if using an AIO pad