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Belted Cloth Pads

Why would someone in this day and age wear a belted pad?

obsidianstarbeltedpads_piratefrontWhile advances in padmaking and underwear construction means that most people in our society wear fitted underpants that pads can wrap around – not everyone wears underpants that can work with cloth pads.

Some people wear things like  looser fitting “bloomers” or  boxer short styles of underwear, which are either too loose fitting to hold a pad firmly in place or have a crotch section too wide to snap a pad around.

For some, they like the extra security of a pad that is held against the body more firmly than you might get from regular underpants and pads. For whatever reason, there are still a few people who do prefer belted pads!

Belted pads are basically like any normal pad, but they are longer (as they need to span the distance from the front of the belt to the back), have no wings (as they don’t need to snap around underwear) and have some method of attaching them to the belt.  You can wear the belt on your waist or hips – wherever is most comfortable for you.


  • Holds the pad firmly to your body, particularly useful for night time.
  • Allows you to wear looser fitting underpants, or underpants that don’t have a narrow crotch to snap a normal pad around (such as shorts or bloomers)


  • Usually need to undo/remove belt when changing pads
  • Not as commonly found as other pad styles
  • May feel bulkier

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