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All-in-one (“AIO”) pad

This is the usual form of cloth pads – A pad (of any shape) that has the absorbency and waterproofing (if any) sewn into a pad, so that you use like you would use a disposable pad – just put it in your underpants and you are good to go. No adding anything or doing anything to the pad. It is all in one piece. They may be waterproofed or not.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • If the pad includes a waterproof layer means the flow can be distributed through the pad more, so less layers are needed in the pad – allowing the pad to be thinner and can be less bulky than non-waterproofed or other styles of pad.
  • Wool can be used as a leak resistant layer to give an all natural AIO pad.


  • Can take longer to dry than pads with removable parts, as all layers are sewn into the pad and are not removable.
  • No ability to adjust the absorbency.
  • May have to be more careful with washing and care, as some chemicals and heat can damage the waterproof fabrics.