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Styles and Types of Cloth Pad

Unlike disposable pads, which are just used “as is”, cloth pads come in a variety of styles, lengths and shapes.   Some pads are just reusable versions of disposable pads, and are simply placed into your underpants like a disposable pad would be.  However some cloth pad styles can be made to fold up for use (increasing the absorbency but unfolding for quick drying), and some pads are made with a layering system where you can choose to use however many absorbent inserts you need that day.  Allowing for a lot of flexibility as well as options when fast drying is required.

The following are the most common forms of cloth pad types/styles.  Each type of pad is on a separate page that lists some of the advantages and disadvantages of that style.


All-in-One | Pocket | Base & Insert | Foldable | Boostable


Belted Pads | Interlabial Pads


To Wing or not to Wing!

obstarwinglessliner_thWhile most cloth pads have wings (the parts that wrap around the crotch/gusset of your underpants to help hold the pad in place), some pads are wingless, and sometimes this can be an advantage.

Winged & WIngless Pads.