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Toppers – Synthetic

These are 100% synthetics used as pad toppers for stay-dry and stain resistant properties, However being synthetic they can feel hot and sweaty over time. The stay dry effect is more effective for heavy flow, as spotting can be too light to pass through as well, and can lead to feeling damp from sweatiness.

Advantages of Synthetics as a pad top:

  • Stain resistant
  • Wicks the blood through to the core, so can feel drier on top
  • Less likely to fade and look worn than some natural fabrics

Disadvantages of Synthetics as a pad top:

  • Can feel hotter and sweatier than natural fibres
  • Can feel bulkier/thicker


Fleece – (Polar or Micro) They are very common fabrics, so easy to find in fabric stores. Soft and fluffy fabrics, can make the pad bulkier though.  Microfleece is better than thicker fleeces as a pad topper.

Suedecloth – A synthetic suede like fabric. Short pile, so flatter than fleece (and flatter than velour). Feels soft. Because it is not as fluffy as minky or fleece, it may not feel as hot.

Chamois – A similar fabric to a microfleece.

Minky (minkee) – A fluffy (almost like fake fur) fabric. A very soft and popular choice as a synthetic top. The high pile can be good for catching a gushy flow.