Pad Pattern Stencil Idea

I had an idea for making an easy to sew pattern…. :)  There are 2 main methods for tracing out your pattern onto your fabric.

  1. You can have the template include the seam allowance, where you cut your fabric out on the traced line and then sew about 1/4inch from that cut edge.
  2. Or you can have your template so that it does not include seam allowance, where your traced line is the line you sew on, and you need to cut the fabric out leaving your seam allowance.

I’ve had an idea for a pad template that has both lines!

When you have a pattern you like, get some stiff cardboard or plastic to make permanent template from. Mark the sewing line of the pattern onto the template, in broken lines. Then mark out the cutting line out. So you have this effect:


Use a craft knife to cut out the broken lines, so that you have a stencil. Then when you trace out your pattern onto the fabric, you mark both the line you need to sew on, and the line you need to cut out. Cut the pieces out on your cutting line, and you should be left with your pad shaped piece with a line you need to sew on. So each pad should line up perfectly, and your sewing should always be neat and even. (You would really only need the sewing guide traced onto the top piece).

You could even go a step further and also include channel stitching guides inside the pad shape as well!