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Obsi’s Craptastic Pad Patterns

(I’m a marketing genius, right?!)

I also have some free patterns available here but I’ll be honest – some of these patterns were uploaded in about 2002 – back then pad shapes were considerably more basic compared to what they are today, so my patterns are pretty plain and boring now.  But they are free, so if you want to use them, go ahead!

The patterns are all in .gif format (an image), and have a size indication on them in cm and inches. If your pattern isn’t printing to scale then try adjusting your settings. To make sure these patterns print out to the right size, I would recommend downloading the image file, inserting it into a word document file (or similar), and draging it to resize it as needed to make the size gauge correct. You could also elongate/shorten the pad patterns in this way too if you wanted. Click here for a guide on how to resize patterns in Word.

diypadpatternbuttong3 Thong/Gstring shaped pads

These pads are designed with a narrow back, so that they can be worn in thong/gstring and other butt-flossing styles of underpants :D  Just click the image to download.



diypadpatternhour2Wingless Hourglass shaped pads

These pads have no wings, although it would be easy enough to add wings to them.  Wingless pads can have a more contoured shape through the crotch.  To preserve this shape but give wings, you can use the “wing” pattern to sew a wing onto the pad.


wwwclothpadsorg_padpatternhour1 wwwclothpadsorg_padpatternhour2 wwwclothpadsorg_padpatternsdummmp

diypadpatternbutton4Winged Patterns

These patterns are for various winged pads.  They can be made into AIO pads, Pocket Pads or Base & Insert pads.  I’ve also included patterns for the split back if you wanted to make them into pocket pads. Remember that you can modify the length and width of the pads by adjusting the size before you print them out.


diypadpatternbutton4backPocket Pad Backs

For using with the above pad patterns to form the back of a pocket pad.  Each back pattern is slightly wider than half, so that they will overlap a little to form the back of the pocket pad.




diypadpatternwinghourOther Patterns

Other assorted patterns, including a prototype for a split-wing hourglass shaped pad (to try and preserve the hourglass shape, while giving wings – which is fiddly to sew, but kinda works).  A version of the Adahy’s pattern (before she created a longer version herself), instructions for making pad shapes #1 and #2 into foldable pads and a pattern for “wings” which can be used on wingless pads.