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Patterns for making your own cloth pads

To make a pad you’ll want a pattern.  You can draft your own, you can purchase a pattern to use or you can use a free pattern.

Patterns to buy:

handmadebyglowHandmade by Glow – Has a great range of AIO style pads with uniquely shaped designs including hearts, dragons, Christmas shapes, Halloween shapes and more.
Patterns from around $4 AUD


mishmashMishmash – Has the “exposed core” style of pad, where the absorbent part of the pad is sewn to the top of the winged base shape.  Great for when you use velour or minky tops so you don’t have the extra bulk through the wing.
Patterns from around $5 AUD.


Patterns to download free:

I also have some patterns available here but I’ll be honest – some of these patterns were uploaded in about 2002 – back then pad shapes were considerably more basic compared to what they are today, so my patterns are pretty plain and boring now.  But they are free, so if you want to use them, go ahead!

diypadpatternbutton4 diypadpatternhour2 diypadpatternbutton3

Click here for Obsi’s craptastic pad patterns :P