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Making a pad with a wider or longer back section

This is basically the same as as drafting a pattern with my other guide… but you have to remember to cut it out differently.

Firstly, you need to find where the centre point of your pad will be – if making a longer backed pad, this will not be in the centre of your paper (which you’ll have to join 2 pieces of printer paper for, or use baking paper or newspaper or something). Basically the wings on a pad will naturally shift to the narrowest part of your crotch – directly below where your vagina is. So you can work out that for the front of the pad to be where you would like it to be, it has to be a certain distance from there. I find about 12cm, (4 3/4inch) to be good (from the fold line of the centre of your paper)… or even a bit more. So your fold for your crotch mark will be off centre in a long pad pattern. Once you have that – mark your back (generally in a long pad, this will be wider than the front. Mark your curved lines to make the pad shape, and your wing.

d21d22This shows how the pad pattern will be off centre on a longer pad. So you can’t just cut it out like you did for the shorter pad, otherwise you’ll be cutting the back out the same as the front. Only mark half your wing though, as this we will cut on the fold.

d23dscf5749_bigSo, to make sure the wings are symmetrical, we will cut the wing on the fold – just cut until the point where the wing joins onto the pad. Then stop cutting! unfold the pattern and you should have something looking like the pic on the right (click it for a larger view). You can *just* make out that I’ve cut the wing only.

Then continue cutting out the front and back along the marks you made. This way your wing will be symmetrical.

d25d26So after cutting out, and rounding the corners, your pad should look something like this, with the back end wider and longer than the front end – with perfectly even wings.