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Marking Absorbency

If you are making pads with different levels of absorbency, you might like to think about marking them in some way, so that you know which pads are which. You might do what most people do, and make light pads shorter, and heavier pads longer – but if that doesn’t suit you then there are some options:

  • Use a different method of channel stitching to show absorbency.  For example straight lines for regular and wavy for heavy.
  • Use a different number of channel lines to show absorbency.  For example 2 lines for regular and 3 for heavy
  • You could use a different stitch type (zigzag, straight or other pattern) or thread colour to show absorbency.
  • Mark on the wing or snap a letter “L”, “M” or “H”
  • Buy clothing size labels or iron on labels to mark the absorbency.  L for large can be for “light”.  S for small can become “super” (heavy).  M for medium can be “moderate”.
  • Use different snap colours for the absorbency levels – eg white for light, pink for regular and red for heavy
  • Use a piece of ribbon under the snap to indicate the absorbency level (eg white for light, red for regular and black for heavy)